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Join the Advanced Readers Club!

Each day, we receive Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) of soon-to-be published books. These uncorrected proofs provide a “sneak peek” of the titles publishers would like us to sell. But we can’t possibly read them all, and we would like your help! Advanced Reader Club members get to read ARCs—at no charge!—in exchange for their reviews. There are certain rules members have to follow, which we’ll provide when you sign up.
To join…

  • Complete a membership form at the front desk.
  • Choose a book from Viewpoint Books’ ARC Bookcase. Sign it out and pick up a review form at the front desk. Pay nothing!
  • Read the book. Timing is up to you, but we appreciate reviews within 20-30 days.
  • Complete the review form and bring it back to Viewpoint Books for a discount on a new book from our regular inventory or a tribute in your honor. Here are your options:
    • Keep the ARC and get a 10% discount.
    • Return the ARC and get a 20% discount.
    • Return the ARC, and if you don’t want a new book right now, we will donate $1 in your name to Viewpoint Book’s Advancing Books for Children fund. The fund provides $5 stipends for purchases at book fairs and events to children who couldn’t otherwise afford new books.


Honoring Susan Whittaker 

Upon Her Passing, April 23, 2017
Were it not for Susan Whittaker, there would be no Viewpoint Books. It was her parents’ vision to start a bookstore in Columbus in 1973. They owned a store in Bloomington, so they called on Susan and her husband, Terry, to come to Columbus to manage the store. In 1979, the young Whittakers started writing their own splendid story of Viewpoint Books. How can we describe Susan? Her daughters, Rachael and Nikki, called their mother “sweet, intelligent, gorgeous, graceful, strong, wonderful, amazing, generous, loving, fierce, compassionate, and elegant.” Her adopted family of “Pointers”—those who work at Viewpoint—added “remarkable, brilliant, witty, caring, and beautiful from the inside out.” As much as we believe in the power of words, they can’t capture all of Susan Whittaker. Thankfully, she is embodied in her loving husband, Terry, in her magnificent daughters, in her beloved grandson, Elliott, and in each of us, through the stories she so graciously wrote on our hearts.