Polly Verbanic: The Story Lady

I remember clearly my first visit to The Viewpoint. It was shortly after my arrival to Columbus in 1992. I so loved being in the presence of books that I tentatively asked the then-owners, Susan and Terry Whittaker, if they had any openings for employment… and the rest is history. I have been affiliated with the bookstore in one capacity or another for 24 years, serving as The Story Lady most of that time. I enjoy reading across many genres, but most enjoy children’s read-alouds, fiction, and non-fiction as it relates to social commentary and politics. I would like to meet and thank Nancy Drew for making glad my childhood heart, for introducing me to the civil disobedience of binge reading after “lights out,” and well… her Ned… my very first concept of a boyfriend.

Come Join Us!

First Friday of the Month, 12:15 pm

Viewpoint Books is happy to announce that Miss Polly continues her tradition of amazing storytelling on a new day and time. Join us for Fabulous First Friday story time.