When we purchased Viewpoint Books from Susan and Terry Whittaker in 2016, we committed to continuing and expanding our community outreach. We have made significant strides in that effort. Now we’re ready to take the LEAP! Please consider joining our HUG (Help Us Grow) Campaign to open a second location down the street!

Long story short:

We need more space to keep building a stronger, more vibrant community. Our book groups, mobile book fairs, collaborative events like Silent Book Club, curated book collections, and gift selections need room to grow. As they do, we will better serve more neighbors and visitors in our community.

How will we use your HUGs?

We’ll create a second welcoming space downtown. We will use your gifts to purchase displays and shelving. We’ll install technology and equipment to connect our stores and be able to search our entire inventory to find what you need. We’ll expand our selection of books, cards, and “bookish” gifts. We’ll furnish the store with comfortable chairs for individuals to “sample our wares” and for small groups to gather to talk about books.

Why now?

We have so much more to share! Our book groups, school partnerships, and community outreach through programs like Growing Readers are all flourishing and providing free books to those who would not otherwise be able to afford them. Our signature gatherings like Independent Bookstore Day, Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest, Spooky Booky, and Reindeer Romp are drawing more people from throughout the region.  We want to add accessible space so we can be even more inclusive and welcoming to ALL.

We also know that construction on the new 5- story apartment and retail development may limit access to our main location at the corner of 6th and Washington or disrupt the services we can offer there. A second – and nearby – location will help us remain a vital and active part of our downtown community.


A lovely space in the 400 block of Washington Street, near other downtown merchants and restaurants, is available. The second floor will remain Upstairs at Ames and Viewpoint Books: A Second Look will occupy the first floor.

Add your gift below: