Amy Unbound (Hardcover)

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Amy Feldman is at the epicenter of a storm as she confronts the indifference of her husband, Josh, whose personal demons and career obsession threaten to shatter their marriage.Fueled by her determination to liberate herself from the ghosts of the past and an unfulfilling union, Amy seizes the momentous occasion of the inauguration of President Obama as the catalyst for her bold journey. Bidding farewell to her position at a prestigious St. Louis law firm, Amy redirects her passion toward social justice, igniting her transformative odyssey.In the heart of the Chicago Alliance for Social Justice, Amy's commitment to her newfound purpose strains family ties in St. Louis, turning weekends at home into a battleground for a relationship on the brink. As she immerses herself in exciting new opportunities, both professional and intimate, in Chicago and Washington, Josh grapples with the harsh reality that their marriage hangs by a thread.As Josh awakens to this, he is desperate to repair the rift. Facing the looming threat of losing Amy forever, he is confronted with a gut-wrenching choice-accept defeat or muster the strength to rebuild their connection. In a desperate bid to salvage what remains, he concocts a clever ploy to mend the rift with Amy. Yet, Amy, now discovering fulfillment and a burgeoning new love, stands at a pivotal crossroads.The question looms large: Will Amy sacrifice her newfound career and romance, or will she be drawn back into the safe and potentially loving marriage with Josh, her best friend and lover since college? In Amy Unbound, you will witness the collision of love, ambition, family, and commitment as one extraordinary woman navigates the complex journey toward personal and professional fulfillment. The emotional landscape is tumultuous and the stakes are high in this page-turning exploration of Amy's unrelenting pursuit of happiness in this thrilling second installment of the Feldman Family Saga.

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ISBN: 9798989776108
Publisher: Jewish Leaders Books
Publication Date: June 4th, 2024
Pages: 418
Language: English