Following the Snow (Hardcover)

Following the Snow By E. a. Fortneaux Cover Image
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"They think I can't play their game... I'm about to change the rules."

A SPICY and STEAMY Epic Romance

Seven kingdoms went to war. Four remain.

The seemingly omnipotent force of the Corruption nearly succeeded in enslaving the nations of rta. By the Goddess's grace, the common folk's selflessness, and the noblemen's hard-won alliances, the people of the continent rallied, though the price was catastrophic.

What comes after the slaughter is over and the dust settles?

Rebuilding the world is a task nearly as monumental as battling the Corruption itself. Refugees flooded into the remaining kingdoms and societies were reforged as cultures collided.

Pleased by her people's efforts, She who is all-knowing set her sign in the sky and blessed those born under its light. Those chosen few are called to maintain peace and serve humanity, ensuring true wickedness can never exist again.

I, Eira, chosen daughter and Troth of Verus now seek to fulfill my Obligation. It'll take more than the temple's twisted instructors or the oversexed Scion of Monwyn to stop me.

This is my path.

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ISBN: 9798988665823
Publisher: Halefort Books
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2023
Pages: 514
Language: English