Shiv Swarodaya - A Devine Law of Breathing: A Science of Breathing (Paperback)

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This book is the 2nd Edition of the book "Shiv Swarodaya - A Devine Law of Breathing". The Science of Swarodaya is given by Lord Shiva to this world and was propagated by Yogis. One who recites it during the lunar or solar eclipses, obtains all Siddhis (supernatural powers). One who keeps sitting at his place, takes little food, practices concentration and knows the Supreme Lord will obtain the knowledge of Swaras. Shiv Swarodaya is the book of 'law or process of Respiration or Breathing'. On Parvati's prayer, God Shiva gave this knowledge of science to her for the welfare of human beings. This book describes the conversation between them and also describes the science.Shiv Swarodaya book is very useful for all types of person on earth. You can get many benefits by following this book. It can change your life. If you are ill then you can be healthy. If you are weak by this book you can become powerful. You can make your body as tough (or strong) as iron. You can also survive many days, weeks or years without food by practicing this. You can survive more than hundred years. This book also help you to get supernatural powers, if you are a Yogi (or Sadhak). You can survive many hours, even days or years under water by the law of breathing. You can also survive on coldest and hottest region where no one can survive. The book 'Shiv Swarodaya' is a devine and sacred book. It is the collection of ancient sciences of India. Ancient scientist of India is also known as 'Maharishi' or 'Rishi'. They practiced the law or process of Swara (breathing) and become super humans.
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ISBN: 9798614299804
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 4th, 2020
Pages: 144
Language: English