On Love and Other Fables (Paperback)

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By Tea
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"They used to measure the passage of hours according to the fading of emotion and the dissipation of memory. That is time, they would say, trickling through us, taking the moment along with it."Before you lies a unique collection of stories; tales about feelings that linger, about the private world that emerges through the meaningfulness of another person, and the loneliness that accompanies the loss of a loved one to the swells and currents of time. Some of the stories in this book are merely several lines long, meant to capture a moment before it slips away; others contain fantastical plots, spanning many pages. From the man watching us from the time observatory and the god lan who creates unintentional universes, to a sperm donor who cannot find meaning in life - each story contained within these pages is meant to take you back to a moment from your own life, an old memory you have left behind. Perhaps, for a brief time, you may relive them."I once knew a man who suffered from a terrible illness. Instead of love, he would see hourglasses. Over the years, the urge to flip them over when they reached their end has driven him to the point of insanity. As it does to us all.""On Love and Other Fables" is the first book by the web author Tea, whose work has been gaining attention online from an ever-growing audience for the past several years.
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ISBN: 9789655721881
ISBN-10: 9655721884
Publisher: Tea Books
Publication Date: February 14th, 2017
Pages: 300
Language: English