The Wisdom of Buddhist Psychology & The Heart of Buddha's teachings (Paperback)

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The 'Buddhist Psychology' book is not just another book to share some information about Buddha & Buddhism. This book is actually an opportunity for every reader to reach a deeper aspect of life, through this tunnel of Buddhism teachings. Let us see the clear points of what the book will provide us:

● It will be an interesting ride that will make you wonder about different dimensions of life.

● The central aim of the book is to help the reader understand the larger aspects of three universal truths, four noble truths, eightfold path, and twelve links to origination, but the context is not limited to the above mentioned numbers and topics.

● The book will allow us to dive deeper in the analytical approach to decode the mind, and the circle of life.

● What makes us humans? What other worlds are there? Can we make an effort towards getting a human life again in rebirth? Can we get a life higher than human existence? All these questions will be answered as you move along the path of this book.

● When you finish, you will be able to understand the aspect of suffering, its causes, and its end.

● After reading, your lives will not be a pursuit of materialistic rewards, but it will turn into a pursuit of calmness.

● At the end, you will weave a wonderful path to the sensible broad view of existence, out of the knowledge of these teachings, and the understanding of life.


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ISBN: 9781990409011
ISBN-10: 1990409016
Publisher: Yanisa Sirikantraporn
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2021
Pages: 128
Language: English