The Lie and the Light: America/Divided (Paperback)

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The Lie and the Light examines six lies that have misled many to reject the truth claims of God, in favor of the false promises and lies of this world.

Our nation was conceived by people who risked their lives and fortunes to establish Christianity in a new world. They believed the Holy Bible is the source of all truth. The men who authored the Constitution of the United States were Christians and God's Word is the standard by which all things were measured. Did that make them perfect? Of course not. Corruptible? Hypocritical? No more, or less than we. The point is, they agreed on the direction of the country. The standard they used is incorruptible. We have strayed from that standard and that has become a problem

To get to the root cause of the bitterness, violence, and unforgiving tone that grips America, we must acknowledge that our growing disbelief, seeing God as irrelevant, gives license to sinful behavior and hateful attitudes. If there are no sacred moral or ethical standards, no consequences enforced for violating the law, then chaos reigns. If all beliefs are equally valid, the law of the jungle will prevail.

The worldview of those putting their faith in the authority of humankind severely opposes the worldview of those faithfully placing their trust in the universal authority of The Creator. We are engaged in an epic struggle for the heart and soul of America.

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ISBN: 9781973655763
ISBN-10: 1973655764
Publisher: WestBow Press
Publication Date: April 1st, 2019
Pages: 196
Language: English