Stronger Still (Hardcover)

Stronger Still By D. N. Bryn Cover Image
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Rubem has become the voice of the auroras-of their rage, at least.

Between his threats and Tavish's diplomacy, most of the world is finally listening. But pockets of denial linger, including the Findlays' old trading partner, the self-governing city of Venalt. While Venalt was once a thriving metropolis of watery channels and garden balconies, now its dying aurora is the only thing holding back the sea monsters that threaten to sink the city.

As Rubem navigates Venalt's stubborn government factions and apocalyptic prophecies, he discovers that someone in power wants the city destroyed-and they're willing to kill its aurora protector to see their plans through. Rubem is quickly becoming all that stands in their way, but he seems always one step behind and never quite strong enough.

And like the world's auroras, he's growing weaker by the day...

Join Rubem and Tavish for another adventure of mystery, murder, and monsters, in a Venetian-inspired city where the Findlay family lingers on in well-buried secrets. While many These Treacherous Tides books can be read as standalones, the No-Man's Lander series is best enjoyed chronologically.

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ISBN: 9781952667862
ISBN-10: 1952667860
Publisher: Kraken Collective
Publication Date: June 1st, 2023
Pages: 394
Language: English