The Twelve Zodiac Sign Syndromes of Medical Astrology (Paperback)

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Renowned author Judith Hill's The Twelve Zodiac Syndromes of Medical Astrology introduces, in fantastic detail, 12 distinct zodiac sign related medical types and symptom sets commonly observed in the natives of "their" birth sign (or those with prominences there). Includes herbs specific to the sign-based symptoms. Additionally, Hill presents a bold new theory explaining how and why the planetary birth pattern influences and informs the physical body's character and responses. These startling observations open a new era for both astrology and alternative medicine.

Richly illustrated with over thirty black-and-white graphics. Discover how the noted character of each sign is closely linked to the body parts and functions traditionally "governed" by that sign. Deficiencies and strengths of each sign are explained, classic symptoms listed, and a sign-oriented herbal section rounds the book out. The publication of this book marks a ground breaking event for both general and medical astrology. This is a perfect companion book to Hill's many other titles in this genre, especially "Medical Astrology for Health Practitioners".

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