Skull Valley (Paperback)

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Mark Taylor spent his entire life prepping his family for every imaginable disaster scenario. Then he went and died of cancer.

His teenage son Lukas is bitter that his dad spent all the family money and social equity on a day that never came. But more than that, he's bitter because his father died. Now growing up in a remote part of Arizona with his mom, Lukas can't wait to graduate high school and leave Skull Valley behind for good.

He is working the final week of a local summer camp in an effort to squirrel away more money for his eventual escape, when the power goes out. All modern electronics go dark and all communications with the outside world are cut off. The remote town of Skull Valley begins to self-destruct as various adults jockey for power and a returning celebrity survivalist adds to the drama. It turns out, no one is better equipped to save the isolated community than seventeen-year-old Lukas Taylor. After all, he has the skills and the supplies. Now he just needs to come to terms with how well his father prepared him for a moment such as this and figure out who he can trust, before it's too late.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781736597019
ISBN-10: 1736597019
Publisher: David Martin Lins
Publication Date: June 1st, 2021
Pages: 412
Language: English