A Path of Oneness: Finding All That Is, Was, and Will Be Inside of You (Paperback)

A Path of Oneness: Finding All That Is, Was, and Will Be Inside of You By Ellen K. Feldman, Deborah Kevin (Editor) Cover Image
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What if you believed that you are powerful, of the same universal energy that is God, and connected to everyone and everything in a way that allows you to create your reality? How would you live differently?

Would you live a life that is more abundant?

Would you treat yourself-or others-differently?

Would you listen to that voice inside a little closer?

The very essence of your being is that you are One with everything and everyone. That idea is at the heart of Buddhism, Kabbalistic Judaism, and, in some way, all major world religions. On a fundamental level, you know you are one with others because their pain and joy are your pain and joy.

A Path of Oneness, a channeled text, provides clear answers to these questions and builds on the idea that we are all one universal energy, making the case for why we must live our lives reflecting this truth. This book provides a framework for living differently, in accordance with the truth of being One with God, with others, and with the planet. From a place of Oneness, the book sets out a compelling case for why and how the principles that can help the reader on a personal level can be applied to help bring about miracles necessary to sustain life on this planet.

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ISBN: 9781735933368
ISBN-10: 1735933368
Publisher: Highlander Enterprises
Publication Date: February 8th, 2022
Pages: 116
Language: English