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With a Foreword by Tony Nader, MD, PhD (author of One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness), The Coherence Effect describes the highly effective daily health routine followed by yogis and sages for centuries as well as the science demonstrating what it can do for the ailments of the modern world.

Kirkus Reviews states:

"The authors make bold claims at the start of this book, saying that it 'describes a simple, yet profound formula for enhancing health and even generating happiness and high performance.' However, its in-depth research, cited studies, scientific charts and references do effectively lay out its case regarding holistic-healing practice."

The simple formula mentioned is that today's health programs, like those of the yogis and sages of antiquity, need to create coherence (a high degree of orderliness) in the functioning of the brain and body to have a maximum healing effect.

Chronic, largely incurable diseases affect 135 million Americans. The authors argue that what's wrong in healthcare is that we don't apply the coherence principle to what really keeps us healthy-the food we eat, and our digestion, exercise, meditation, and guidelines for good sleep.

Meditation was revered by accomplished yogis and modern science tells us the reason: Effective meditation produces brain wave coherence, measurable by EEG. Brain wave coherence increases, memory, learning ability, moral reasoning, and other aspects of mental performance increase, and depression, anxiety, PTSD, high blood pressure, and other disorders are reduced or eliminated.

The book's research and personal accounts compare numerous meditation programs. The authors show that brain wave coherence is reliably generated only by the most ancient meditation technique of the great yogis, revived in this age by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and taught as the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program.

The book also covers the diet and other daily coherence-generating practices of yogis that led them to higher consciousness and support health, happiness, and high performance. For example, those with problems of anxiety, insomnia, and constipation are benefited by foods, herbs, and spices that are different from those who are prone to anger issues, skin eruptions, hyperacidity, and other inflammatory disorders. The book provides detailed diet, digestion, detoxification, and other guidelines from the current revival of Ayurveda.

Nancy Lonsdorf, MD, a popular author and Ayurvedic physician, states, "This one book is all you need to guide you to health and flourishing in life."

The book by Chris Clark, MD (Yale Medical School), a psychiatrist first trained in the mid-1980s in the health principles of Ayurveda; Robert Keith Wallace, PhD (UCLA doctorate in Physiology), one of the "fathers" of mind-body medicine whose ground-breaking early research on meditation was published in Science and Scientific American, and the American Journal of Physiology; and Jay B. Marcus, an attorney (University of Virginia Law School), who for almost 50 years has been a Transcendental Meditation teacher and yoga practitioner.

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