Through the Dark (Paperback)

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Through the Dark, a nourishing and inspirational memoir penned by Emmy Award-Winning Journalist Yolanda Nava is about her journey of self-discovery as a result of sudden blindness due to an undiagnosed autoimmune disease. The Foreword for this book has been penned by Nationally Renowned Oncologist, Lawrence Piro, M.D who offers brilliant insights.

Through the Dark is a story of challenge, spiritual awakening, and growth, which is both inspiring and instructive. As with her best-selling book It's All in the Frijoles published by Simon & Schuster, readers will gather strength and wisdom from Nava's story and learn how to empower themselves to confront their own challenges and circumstances. A strong sense of resilience moves across the pages of this story, and the lessons learned provide food for thought as readers embark upon their personal journeys of self-awareness and healing.

What makes Through the Dark distinct from other inspirational books is Nava's journalistic perspective, combined with a compelling third person point of view. Nava is able to move through suffering and challenges with the objectivity of a seasoned journalist. Courage and resilience, fortitude and inspiration abound in this book. I believe the reader will be pulled in immediately by Nava's remarkable journey.

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ISBN: 9781732830363
ISBN-10: 1732830363
Publisher: Cafe Con Leche Books
Publication Date: May 1st, 2021
Pages: 180
Language: English