You've Got To Be HUNGRY: The Greatness Within to Win (Hardcover)

You've Got To Be HUNGRY: The Greatness Within to Win Cover Image
By Ona Brown (Afterword by), Les Brown, Joe Polish (Foreword by)
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Immediately after writing It's Not Over Until You Win, originally published in 1997, I began preparing the manuscript for the book that you are now reading. I knew that I must write You've Got To Be HUNGRY so it's hard for me to believe that it has taken twenty-one years to complete this book Not only does this book share the name of one of my most requested stories, but it also carries the essence of my most important message.Those who listen to my messages know that I often speak about how so many people leave this earth without truly maximizing their potential, to live a life of greatness. The people who take the time to cultivate and master their craft are the ones that we truly learn from. Perhaps what we admire most about these types of people is their ability to become one with their gifts and then share those gifts with the rest of the world.I believe that we all have this ability to become one with our purpose and share it. We all have gifts and greatness within us given to us so that we can do something the world needs. My gift is delivering messages of hope and inspiration to others. My speeches, books, recordings, workshops, social media platforms, and every part of my public presence, are all crafted to inspire you to reach. I want you to reach your maximum potential and show up in the next level of your life in an impactful and powerful way.Since the publishing of my first book, I have been fortunate enough to speak to billions of people around the world (in person and through social media) and I have seen so much change. I've lived through some amazingly beautiful experiences in my seventy-five years on earth. I have also had some very challenging, devastating, life-threatening experiences that would have taken the average person out. I want to share with you how I managed to still come out on top and win in those situations The application of the methods, principles, and the examples in this book will empower you to overcome every adverse circumstance, tragedy, setback, or challenge that life throws your way. I feel this book will introduce you to the life that you truly desire to live. I aim for this to be, not just another book you read, but a deep life-transforming experience
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ISBN: 9781732745049
ISBN-10: 1732745048
Publisher: Brown Family Publishing
Publication Date: March 27th, 2020
Pages: 238
Language: English