Cooper Corner (Paperback)

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On the 8th of May, 2017 a little kitten crossed a road and walked into the path of a stranger. Through the words expressed by another stranger, me, a tale is told. A tale of a series of days where a kitten entered a home and became a member of a family. A family consisting of a lonely, aging man and his aging, eldery cats.There was that heart wrenching first night when Cooper cried unceasingly for his mother. An unending series of howls and moans, each of which tore at the heart strings of human and feline alike. Dawn finally broke and the kitten slept. The residents of the little blue house Cooper now called home sat hoping that the new day would bring the little kitten some peace of mind.Soon afterward came the happiest of events as kitten Cooper met someone much like himself. One who would become his best friend. A surrogate mother almost. Cooper came upon another member of the humans furry family, another tabby like himself. A father figure by the name of Cubby. A bond would form with the elderly tabby, one which still exists today. It always will. Within the pages of this book is that bonds beginning, for this is Cooper's tale. This is his book. It's a little ditty written to share a wonderful week that lives in my memory, now and forever. I can only hope I do the memory, and Cooper justice. For he is a special little kitty.It's been said that stray cats make the best of pets. That is only partially true. They are the best of course. Not of pets. They are the best of friends. Cooper is mine.
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ISBN: 9781688062252
ISBN-10: 1688062254
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2019
Pages: 30
Language: English