Loved So Much It Hurts: Purpose in the Pain (Paperback)

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Answers to prayer rarely look like we expect"Well," he said gently, "there's something there."
Just say it. I tried to shift away from the pain within the confines of the wheelchair; they no longer made me climb up onto the exam table. I was tired, tired of the pain, and I just wanted answers. I wanted a label for my condition that could be targeted and eliminated.
"It's a tumor, isn't it?"
For an instant, his professional objectivity failed him, and he sighed. "Yes," he said. "You have a tumor."
Wait, what? That wasn't what he was supposed to say. I only said it to deflate the two-ton elephant in the room. I only said it because I thought voicing such an outrageous possibility would make the truth come easier. I only said it because I knew God would never allow such a thing to happen. Not to me. Not now.

Get your copy of Loved So Much It Hurts today to find out how Rebecca found the purpose in her pain, and how you can, too.

♥ "I couldn't put Loved So Much It Hurts down until I read it through It was like reading a diary or listening to a best friend. I loved the focus on God, and how Rebecca never once fell into unbelief, and He came through on her behalf. It was compelling to see what this next day would bring, and how He was faithful to always be there with Rebecca."

Anita McCall, Author

♥ "Rebecca's personal journey of faith in God in the midst of pain, fear, and a life-threatening disease inspires us all to believe in the Great Physician to do the impossible in our lives. If you are needing hope beyond what you can see for healing, Rebecca's story and heart for God will be the spark you need to rise above-and partner with God for divine healing."

Veronica Karaman, Performance Coach and Author

♥ "Rebecca Olmstead's Loved So Much It Hurts is a rare glimpse into an overcomer's victory found on a steep uphill journey of daunting pain and loss. Her heartwarming stories of reliance on God's Word, and gratitude for His steadying hand, reveal a surprisingly refreshing relationship with the Holy Spirit. The authentic day-to-day struggles and touching family memories in Loved So Much It Hurts will validate, strengthen, and inspire you to find Christ-courage on arduous steps of your own path."

Lynn Hare, Author

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ISBN: 9781676441946
ISBN-10: 1676441948
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 16th, 2020
Pages: 304
Language: English