Fifty Ways to Love the Lord (Paperback)

Fifty Ways to Love the Lord By Robert Mattox Cover Image
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How often do you express your love for God? Showing love for God is something we give very little thought to doing. If we were to think about how to show love for God, we may become lost for any ideas to show our love. In this book I list fifty simple everyday ways to not only honor God but show your love for him. You will find these ways easy to apply and easy to teach to your children or share with family and friends. I may be the least qualified person to write a book for God. this book is proof God can use anyone to get his message out to the world. I was away from the church for over 35 years before he called me back to his house. when I returned to the church the Lord prompted me to start writing first sermons then books then finally a screenplay. When I sit to write at my keyboard, I can feel him near and his words in my ear. as a very simple person I wrote this book to be a simple easy book for people of all ages and to bring honor and glory to God.
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ISBN: 9781662861727
ISBN-10: 1662861729
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: November 26th, 2022
Pages: 118
Language: English