Confessions of a Covid 19 Survivor: Weathering the Storm (Paperback)

Confessions of a Covid 19 Survivor: Weathering the Storm By Mildred L. Norwood Fisher Cover Image
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Confessions of a COVID-19 Survivor is written by Mildred L. Norwood-Fisher. It is the heartfelt story of the pain, suffering, fear, and anxiety that overwhelmed her when she found herself suddenly cast into the excruciating valley of COVID-19. While passing through the valley, she was overwhelmed but eventually rejoiced because of an unexpected victory. In the valley, there were many ups and downs. Many dark days and even darker nights. So many days all she had was her past because her present looked bleak, and it appeared that there would be no future beyond the valley, which within itself was a terrifying thought. Mildred felt trapped in the dark valley of despair. Many times, she felt as if there were no escaping the valley because the walls of the endless pathway were crushing in on her. The dryness in the valley had taken her breath away. She couldn't breathe. Every attempt to do so was an act of manual labor.

You will also walk with Mrs. Smith as she found herself trapped in the valley in total agony when her firstborn, her only son, Matthew, was tossed into the fiery furnace of COVID-19, left there to die, and that he did. Mrs. Smith found herself locked inside herself. You see, a parent is not supposed to bury her child, yet that was exactly what she was left to do, and there was no escaping that horrible reality. That day, time stopped, and she could not move beyond that even if she tried. You will witness a family that was moved by faith through fate to God's faithfulness.

This book unleashes the power of God, the manifestation of the Holy Spirit as the healing hands of God are revealed.

I pray that this book will inspire, encourage, and bless you as I have truly attempted to give testimony to the faithfulness of our God, "How great is thou faithfulness?"

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ISBN: 9781662468254
ISBN-10: 1662468253
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: April 25th, 2022
Pages: 300
Language: English