Killer Moms: 16 Bizarre True Crime Stories of Murderous Moms (Paperback)

Killer Moms: 16 Bizarre True Crime Stories of Murderous Moms By Jack Rosewood Cover Image
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We all love our mothers, right?

Our moms fed us, tucked is into our beds at night, and nursed all of our bruises, both physical and emotional when we were kids. For most of us, we have our mothers to thank for the men and women we are today. But not all mothers are so great. In fact, some moms are just downright nasty and evil.

In this book, you'll learn about sixteen of the most terrible cases of moms who killed their own children.

None of these women will get a mother of the year award and very few will get Mother's Day cards while they sit in prison, but their cases are sure to intrigue you. You'll learn about little known details of some high-profile killer mom cases, such as Casey Anthony and Andrea Yates, and a few that are little known.

You'll read about moms who killed their children for profit and others who did so because they were tired of them. There are also a few cases profiled in this book that just defy explanation and appear to have been driven by no motive other than insanity.

So sit back, relax, and open the pages of this book to learn about sixteen of the most dastardly mothers in American history. You will be disturbed, but at the same time, you won't be able to stop reading

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