Frozen Ghost (Paperback)

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Frozen Ghost is about three kids from the tiny hamlet of Eclectic, Alabama--Isaiah, Elijah, and Ruth Knight--who, upon seeing a black ghost dog guarding a Native American and African American slave graveyard, accidentally disturbed that graveyard. The novel is told from the elderly Isaiah Knight's point of view, looking back to when he was thirteen years old. Isaiah and his brother and sister decided to become paranormal investigators and prove the existence of ghosts by gathering electronic voice phenomena. However, they got in over their heads. When their house became haunted, they failed to convince their skeptical half-brother, Harlan Watts. The spirit of their dead mother, frozen by a formula developed by their grandfather, helped them overcome the haunting. But were they prepared for Specter 005, a powerful demonic entity? They also visited two famous ghost sites in Birmingham: the ghost of the murdered May Hawes at East Lake Park and the ghost of the sadistic foreman "Slag" Wormwood at Sloss Furnaces.

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ISBN: 9781638609070
ISBN-10: 1638609071
Publisher: Fulton Books
Publication Date: November 18th, 2021
Pages: 132
Language: English