Warden Force: Ordeal at Skull Canyon and Other True Game Warden Adventures: Episodes 63-75 (Hardcover)

Warden Force: Ordeal at Skull Canyon and Other True Game Warden Adventures: Episodes 63-75 By Terry Hodges Cover Image
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This is not a novel. This book, like the other eight books of the WARDEN FORCE series, is a collection of short stories, all true, the fascinating and often harrowing experiences of real game wardens pursuing armed violators in wild and remote places. TV shows such as WILD JUSTICE (National Geographic), NORTH WOODS LAW (Animal Planet) and LONE STAR LAW (Animal Planet) introduced the public to the real-life adventures of game wardens and conservation officers, a public hungry for more. And now, for readers, the WARDEN FORCE series provides the most exhaustive and comprehensive work in literature on this little known and often dangerous profession.

Award winning author Terry Hodges was himself a California State Fish and Game warden and supervisor/leader of game wardens for over 30 intense years. He writes with the authority possible only by those who have actually lived the life, who have actually packed a badge and a gun on behalf of wildlife and battled all manner of wildlife-destroying outlaws.


"Lieutenant Terry Hodges is to wildlife protectors what Joseph Wambaugh is to big-city cops. ...evocative story-telling" - Paul Dean, Los Angeles Times

"...great true stories by this celebrated and very talented California conservation officer and outdoor writer, and they have become required reading for fish and game cops across North America. He portrays game poachers and violators for what they are - thieves who steal fish, fur and game from everyone. This is a great read, and one every law officer and sportsman should read." - Dave Richey, Outdoor Writer, The Detroit News

The sixth season contains 13 more exciting adventures:

  1. Scum of the Delta - A lone warden faces three armed and dangerous outlaws at night on a lonely Delta island.
  2. Night of the Beach Walkers - Wardens set a trap for renegade abalone pickers on an Island off the California coast.
  3. The High Cost of Greed - A massive overlimit of snow geese equals bad news for greedy poachers.
  4. The Best Medicine - A young boy provides a cure for racial tension.
  5. Ordeal at Skull Canyon - A dark night and a mistake on an offshore island nearly proves fatal for a young warden.
  6. Hoffman's Lucky Shot - A lucky break spares the evil life of a dangerous poacher.
  7. Moseley's Reward - A well timed tip sets wardens on the trail of outlaw mountain lion trappers.
  8. Herpie and the Snake Lady - Wardens raid an absolute house of horrors and target lawless reptile dealers.
  9. Road Hunter - A road-hunting pheasant poacher leads a clever warden to pull off the most spectacular arrest of his career.
  10. Harold's Toughest Race - A tough, marathon-running warden amazes everyone by running down an escaping would-be rapist.
  11. Fatal Flaw - One dark mountain night, a lone warden, at great personal risk, bluffs a lawless band of brush-cutters to arrest a deer poacher and a wanted felon.
  12. Tuffy's Sweet Moment - An epic foot chase ends in near death for a fleeing violator.
  13. An Ending of Sorts - A warden-turned-writer, one winter's evening, reflects on his career and that of his long-dead mentor
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