Rare Trees: The Fascinating Stories of the World’s Most Threatened Species (Hardcover)

Rare Trees: The Fascinating Stories of the World’s Most Threatened Species By Sara Oldfield, Malin Rivers Cover Image


Discover the secrets and beauty of the world’s rarest trees in this fantastic book filled with more than 300 color photographs.
Did you know that the resin of the dragon tree was so prized that it was used and traded as medicine by the Roman Empire? Or that the Bornean ironwood is one of the only timbers dense enough to sink in water? Trees have adapted to thrive on steep mountains, high in cloud forests, on dry savannahs, in parched deserts, and in tropical wetlands. Our own human history—and our future—are interwoven with the trees that define the character and environments of our green planet.
Rare Trees offers a stunning visual presentation of 60 of the most fascinating, bizarre, and threatened tree species on the planet, from conifers to magnolias to oaks. With color photographs showing trees and their most unusual features, maps of growing regions, callouts of memorable facts, and examples of poignant cultural and historical uses by Indigenous populations, Rare Trees will give everyone who loves trees an armchair tour of unique specimens from around the globe. You will be inspired to help preserve this critical canopy of life.

About the Author

Sara Oldfield, OBE, is a botanist and biodiversity consultant and chair of the International Union for Conservation of Nature/Species Survival Commission (IUCN/SSN) Global Tree Specialist Group, responsible for promoting and implementing projects to identify and protect globally red-listed tree species. From 2005 to 2015 she was secretary general of Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), and previously global programs director at Fauna & Flora International (FFI).

Malin Rivers is the head of conservation prioritization at Botanic Gardens Conservation International. She manages the red list program at BGCI, with its current focus on the Global Tree Assessment. In addition, she is the red list authority coordinator and secretary of the IUCN/SSC Global Tree Specialist Group and chair of the Red List Technical Working Group. She has worked with plant conservation in botanic gardens for over ten years.

Praise For…

“A lavishly illustrated, lovingly detailed compendium of “rare trees” of the world…In their noble efforts to honor these “rare” trees, the authors will certainly sensitize readers to the trees' value and their peril.”—Booklist

“Full-color photos accompany fascinating facts about each tree and its environment. Rare Trees makes for a wonderful coffee table reading experience.”—425 Magazine
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ISBN: 9781604699524
ISBN-10: 1604699523
Publisher: Timber Press
Publication Date: March 21st, 2023
Pages: 400
Language: English