Wicked Newport: Kentucky's Sin City (Paperback)

Wicked Newport: Kentucky's Sin City By Thomas Barker, Gary W. Potter, Jenna Meglen Cover Image


Controlled by the heavy hand of the mob and fueled by government corruption, Newport evolved through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries into a notoriously robust center of criminal activity.

With top political and law enforcement officials often on the take, the seedy status quo became so excessive that a May 1961 issue of Time magazine declared, Newport has developed such a gaudy brand of gambling and prostitution that it stands today as one of the nation's most blatant sin centers. Eastern Kentucky University Professors Gary Potter and Thomas Barker, both experts on organized crime, along with Jenna Meglen, offer up a captivating chronicle of Newport's criminal development, complete with thought-provoking assessments of the possible advantages that organized crime brought to the city commonly considered to be Las Vegas's predecessor.

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ISBN: 9781596295490
ISBN-10: 159629549X
Publisher: History Press
Publication Date: October 1st, 2008
Pages: 128
Language: English
Series: Wicked