Mind Is a Myth: Disquieting Conversations with the Man Called U.G. (Paperback)

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This is a scathing critique of contemporary spirituality by one of its most unusual figures. In a world in which spiritual techniques, teachers, concepts, and organisations are legion, U G Krishnamurti stands nearly alone in his rejection of it all: the natural state is a causal: it just happens. The author does not equate the natural state with enlightenment, which he describes as an illusion created by our culture. He states emphatically that one can do nothing to attain the natural state.

About the Author

Born in India in 1918 to Brahmin parents, U. G. Krishnamurti was given a rigorous education in classical Hindu literature. He was raised to take on the mantle of guru, in a manner similar to J. Krishnamurti (to whom he is not related). By the time he met J. Krishnamurti in the late 1940s, both men had rejected the guru calling. For seven years they conversed daily, struggling to uncover the nature of truth, and parted without resolving their differences. U. G. continued lecturing throughout the world. Then in 1961 he left his family and went to London without means and purpose.
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ISBN: 9781591810650
ISBN-10: 1591810655
Publisher: Sentient Publications
Publication Date: September 10th, 2007
Pages: 165
Language: English