Intersex in Christ (Paperback)

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By Jennifer Anne Cox, Sandra Basham (Foreword by)
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Intersex is an umbrella term for many different conditions that cause ambiguous sexual biology. Intersex people are ""in between,"" neither clearly male nor clearly female. Intersex has been largely hidden through surgery and secrecy, but is now coming out into the open. Many intersex people have experienced physical, psychological, and relational pain because of the shame attached to their bodily difference. The existence of people with unusual sexual biology presents a challenge to the Christian ideal of humanity as male and female. How can evangelical Christians rightly respond to this phenomenon? Intersex in Christ provides a balance of grace and truth, upholding male and female as God's created intent, while insisting that there is a positive place in the kingdom of God and the world for people with unusual sexual biology. Intersex people are created in the image of God, because of the love of God. Jesus accepts, loves, and dignifies intersex people. The gospel of Jesus Christ is good news for all people, however sexed. An evangelical response to intersex will therefore be one of acceptance, love, justice, and inclusion. Intersex in Christ will help both intersex Christians and the church to understand intersex through the lens of Christ. ""What is sex? Doesn't everyone know? Not when it comes to intersex people. Thank God for the clear insights provided by this book. At a time when the politics of sex is 'in' and the radical left has come 'out' . . . caring Christians can no longer remain in the closet. It's time to increase our knowledge, define our theology, and improve our practice in this important area. That's what Jesus would have us do."" --Stuart Devenish, author of Ordinary Saints ""For many Christians confused about issues of sexuality Jenny Cox has provided a model to guide us. Her unstinting Christ-centeredness imparts courage to deal uncompromisingly with a raw and neglected subject. Her relational Trinitarian theology offers abounding hope to intersexed and unambiguously sexed persons alike. This book reorients our sense of identity to the brokenness and healing of Jesus himself in whom is found a shame-free wholeness. A book for all seeking good news."" --John Yates, chair, Evangelical Alliance Foundation Jennifer Cox is an adjunct faculty member at Tabor College of Higher Education in Perth, Western Australia, where she teaches systematic theology. She is the author of several books, academic articles on disability and women's ministry, many devotional articles, and most recently a blog. Jennifer is married with four adult children. She has been in relationship with Jesus since 1982.
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