Christmas Sermons: Seven Sermon Outlines on the Familiar Passages of the Christmas Season. (Paperback)

Christmas Sermons: Seven Sermon Outlines on the Familiar Passages of the Christmas Season. Cover Image
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After forty years of preaching during the Advent season the story of Christmas never ceases to amaze me, God in His great love came to earth to share with His creation the depth of His compassion and care for us. But at the same time, coming up with a new way to talk about that love, year after year, has been an ongoing task filled with frustration and joy. The sermons in this book revolve around seven passages in the Bible although the amount of material here will give a preacher far more than seven sermons. Each sermon outline has a basic three or four points but each of those points have a multitude of ideas under each point. The plan is for you to pick and choose the support items you believe will help you make your point for that Sunday and draw the application that you believe God desires the people in your congregation to hear. These sermons were originally written for Christmas Eve providing a rotating set of sermons for that annual service. They were added to each time I preached them and over the years came to the form and content they have at present. They can be used in that manner or used during the advent season. A few of the sermons have almost enough content to be used for four Sundays in the month long season of Advent. The sermons offer large amounts of content, numerous applications, and a variety of different ideas about the various aspects of the Christmas Story. Other sermons I have used and have stood the test of time will be available shortly in volume two of the Christmas Sermons. Have a blessed time as you minister to your congregation at this and future Christmas Seasons.
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