The Tracker's Field Guide: A Comprehensive Manual for Animal Tracking (Paperback)

The Tracker's Field Guide: A Comprehensive Manual for Animal Tracking By James Lowery Cover Image
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Step richly into the animal world by discovering what their tracks tell you about their purpose, mood and individuality. Learn to understand an animal's current behavior and choices through the context of its biology and the tracks it leaves behind. From decades of field research and teaching tracking to thousands, expert tracker Jim Lowery leads you to confident identification of tracks and into a deeper relationship with animals and their habitat, using many examples, tips, and focused notes written specifically for field exploration. This guide features: -Extensive illustrations and photos of tracks which show you speed, movement and behavior -Thorough and concise "Notes for the Tracker" about the biology of each species, distilled from nearly a thousand primary sources -"Track Windows" which teach you how to access each species' essence through field exploration -Clear identification tips to help you make distinction between easily confused tracks and compare tracks of similar species.

About the Author

James C. Lowery has taught hundreds of beginning and advanced tracking workshops, including many special trainings for field biologists, over the past 35 years. His school, Earth Skills, offers courses and mentoring, and his website offers many tracking resources.
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ISBN: 9781493067039
ISBN-10: 1493067036
Publisher: Falcon Press Publishing
Publication Date: September 1st, 2022
Pages: 416
Language: English