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With their wild glare, swift turn of foot and secretive nature, hares are the rabbit's mysterious and untameable cousin. Always a thrilling wildlife spot, the hare has long been a symbol of Britain's sweeping, open countryside. Hares have also been associated with human culture and folklore for many centuries - their associations with spring can be traced back to the druids.

The author discusses in detail Hares' interactions with humans, in agriculture, habitat management, shooting and hunting, as well as in more culinary matters, and reveals why this almost mythical animal of hill and meadow is so sensitive to the changes we make to age-old farming landscapes. The presence and significance of hares in our culture is also discussed, including the Easter hare, Lewis Carroll's mad March hare, and hares as shape-changers. Nancy Jennings also offers useful tips on where and how to see hares for yourself in the wild.

About the Author

Nancy Jennings is a biologist specializing in mammals. After gaining her PhD from the University of Bristol, Nancy researched bats, shrews, hares, dolphins, seals, moths, and fish. She now provides editorial support to biologists and is the managing editor of the scientific journal Mammal Review.
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ISBN: 9781472933645
ISBN-10: 1472933648
Publisher: Bloomsbury Natural History
Publication Date: August 1st, 2017
Pages: 128
Language: English
Series: RSPB