University School of the Apostles / Prophets Certification Manual: Ushering in Present day truth of the Prophetic Movement (Paperback)

University School of the Apostles / Prophets Certification Manual: Ushering in Present day truth of the Prophetic Movement Cover Image
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'The University School of the Apostles/Prophets Certification Training Manual 3rd Mellennium Apostolic Vanguard Pioneers are ushering in the APOSTOLIC PROPHECTIC MOVEMENTS IN CITIES, Now the Elijah's of God Prophets are Rising up changing Climates and Whole Cities Atmospheres, Satan hates any person assigned to Usher in the End-time Restoration Movement of the Apostolic Prophetic Order, Purpose is Bringing the church "Back to the Original Apostolic 5 -fold Government Demons have Perverted & bombarded the Nation with Psychic Hot lines, New Age philosophies, Warlocks & Charmer's in pulpits have caused Churches to deviated off course, the Hollywood church has emerge The Spirit of Jezebel has worked Witchcraft to cut off the Prophets Voice, the Manipulation Spirits of Balaam, the get-rich schemes Spirit of Gehazi has merchandised the Anointing. There needs to be a Prophetic Connection Now make full proof of your Apostolic Prophetic Mandate thru the Impartation of this Manual & bring the Body to the Full Maturity and Strength This is the most accurate, balance manual identfying the spirit of error and restoring spirit of truth of all who desire walk in the ffold governmental offices representing Kingdom A training Certirfication manual for all emerging believers who sense the calling to one of the offices gifts of the 5 fold, to avoid error, receive the truth impartation wisdom to have balance, clarity, accurate knowledge to edify, comfort, exhort, to mature the Body of Christ Sense calling to prophesy, as a prophet, prophete, Apostle? Or find out your true lane, evangelist, pastor, teacher, The Church is a Moving force, the winds of change have come, it's time to break camp, entering a new phase, purging, purifying the sons of Levi, marked by a great harvest of souls, retraining, maturity of the Saints, characterized by Kingdom evangelism with the Vision of going beyond the Walls of the Ecclesiastical edifice to infiltrate the Marketplace & every strata of the secular world. God is prophetically realigning whole Nations; Prophets Eyes are being RESTORED to its rightful place Amos3:3, Surely the Lord will not do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the Prophets The Office of the Apostle & Prophet are being Restored to the earth, the Spirit of Elijah, Signs and Wonders Ministry Government Power, Satan hates the Anointing, accuracy, revelation of the Prophets, this is the only office where God spoken, Touch not my Anointed, and do my Prophets no harm.
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ISBN: 9781440163838
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Publication Date: December 3rd, 2010
Pages: 112
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