Who the Hell Wants to Work for You?: Mastering Employee Engagement (Hardcover)

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In Who the Hell Wants to Work for You? Mastering Employee Engagement, Tim Eisenhauer explains and unifies the groundbreaking employee engagement practices of America's most admired companies.

It shows the role of individuals, managers, and executives in building a new kind of workplace. And it uses the collective experience of hundreds of employers through research and case examples to help you--the manager--transform your mind, your team, and your business.

Everyone's talking about it, but it's as bad as it's ever been.

Employee engagement has been linked to every positive business outcome: innovation, productivity, employee and customer loyalty, even stock performance. Yet workplace cynicism is so widespread that we think of it as normal.

The employee engagement conversation has gone off track.

Will measuring, tracking and decoding employee sentiment solve the problem? Let's see... Instead of talking to employees, we're talking about them and second-guessing their sentiments. This is not a good plan.

Meanwhile, some employers have succeeded spectacularly.

They get different results because they focus on: individuals, relationships, and culture. Let's talk about making all the right things come naturally. How do break-away companies reset their defaults that put inertia on their side?

They've started a trend that is massive, global and irreversible.

Not only do people mentally disengage from companies and bosses that don't get them, they leave in search of those that do. This is a trend you can count on ...

And, like any trend, you can use it to your advantage.


Part 1: The Individual
Select, train, and motivate people to do their best work.

Part 2: The Relationship
Build engagement while managing direct reports.

Part 3: The Culture
Give executive leadership the power to create and sustain an engaged workforce.


"A complete reality check on employee engagement. It's an addicting read."
Jessica Mehring - CEO, Horizon Peak Consulting

"Required reading for managers, executives, and business owners."
Chuck Vigeant - CEO, Clearify

"Thought provoking. It's a fun read."
Karen L. Morkholt - HR Manager & Legal Advisor

"Absolutely fantastic, easy to read, and loaded with practical information."
Alan Collins - Best Selling Author and Former VP of HR at Pepsi

"How to get your employees to bring their A-Game to work."
Sammy Tovar - Former Ops Manager, Mail Boxes Etc.

"The best employee engagement advice available online."
Sue Chacon - Arizona State University

"Insightful. 100% useful." Highly recommended for manager to read."
John Fike - President and CEO, Lifeforce Nutraceuticals

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ISBN: 9780997798906
ISBN-10: 0997798904
Publisher: Resultris International
Publication Date: April 1st, 2018
Pages: 328
Language: English