Bury The Seed: Poems for Releasing More Life into You (Paperback)

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Bury the Seed is a book for anyone seeking connection.

Brooke McNamara's second publication, Bury the Seed, is a four-part collection of poetry that invites us to revel in the wonder, mystery, and elegance of our ordinary, brief, and beautiful lives. A compilation of treasures for sharing or reading alone, these poems serve as both invitation and map, calling us to "bury the seed" of our everyday experiences so that we may open to more robust and delighted ways of being in the world.

Bury the Seed is divided into four parts: Bury, Tend, Harvest, Release. Each speaking to a richness born when we hold our experiences up to the light and allow them to take new shapes, to be made anew. Her poems are a study in the familiar, offering a lens so we may step back for another look. Brooke weaves words into relatable, contemplative lodestars that unfurl showing us where the treasure lay, always right under our noses, nestled in our longing, frustration, and surrender.

These poems acknowledge the sacredness and possibility that linger in our everyday experience, persisting in words: shape, mother, gesture, clenched, drown, nothing. Brooke shows us how a shift in angle stitches cobalt, soap, and roses into the fabric of memory. Bury the Seed is an answer to our longing for the exquisite. Her words remind us that it is in living where our brave sorrows and simple delights are transformed into the magic each of us seeks.

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ISBN: 9780988768970
ISBN-10: 0988768976
Publisher: Performance Integral
Publication Date: February 8th, 2020
Pages: 130
Language: English