Rise and Fall of a Racketeer (Paperback)

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What makes a racketeer? What drives men to operate outside the confines of a society that pretends to abhor racketeers yet pays homage to the individuals who flaunt society's conventions? Rise and Fall of a Racketeer, soars above the mundane and not only lets you peek inside the persona of one individual, but a multitude of other interesting men and women who make up the world of gangsterism. It takes the reader backstage to the way things really work; how power is used, and why. Travel to cities, steeped in romanticism and raucous nights, Miami, Bermuda, Las Vegas, Palm Beach, Myrtle Beach, and other places, inspired stirrings of culture and history-Charleston, and stoic, no nonsense cities, such as Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and Youngstown, Ohio.
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ISBN: 9780988590243
ISBN-10: 0988590247
Publisher: La Maison Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: July 16th, 2013
Pages: 326
Language: English