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Does your marriage covenant reflect an outward expression of how Christ loves his church? Are you a submissive spouse? Too often the world and society have taught us that submission in marriage is a negative thing and most often it is misunderstood. Would you believe that you were born to be submissive? That in your submissiveness you will experience freedom, growth, joy, rest, and peace? As a woman, and even greater, as a child of The Most High GOD, you have been blessed with a supernatural character trait that flourishes when you tap into the true meaning of what it means to be holy submitted for the glory of GOD. In the pages of this book, Minister LaShawna Thomas shares her story and marriage experiences, providing revelatory insight on the wife's role in submission. Through struggles, addictions, and hardships, submission was a key role in overcoming these obstacles and experiencing the peace that comes when we choose to surrender. You CAN have a healthy marriage relationship. You CAN submit to your husband and have everything you need. You CAN be submissive without being a doormat because you were BORN FOR THIS

Do you want to experience?

- A marriage that is pleasing to the Lord.

- Rest and peace in your home, mind, and relationship.

- A husband that honors you.

- Real joy.

Discover insight on how to get this and more as you immerse yourself through the pages of BORN FOR THIS SUBMISSION Understanding Your Position as a Wife, Holy Submitted For GOD's Glory.

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ISBN: 9780977834891
ISBN-10: 0977834891
Publisher: AP Publishing
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2021
Pages: 94
Language: English