The Darwin Awards: Felonious Failures (Hardcover)

The Darwin Awards: Felonious Failures Cover Image
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"When it comes to criminals, Darwin wades in the shallow end of the gene pool. Witness the astonishing idiocy of the absent-minded terrorist who opens a letter-bomb returned for insufficient postage, o"

About the Author

Wendy Northcutt started collecting the stories that make up the Darwin Awards in 1993, and founded soon thereafter. She has been profiled in Salon magazine, and now divides her time between managing the website and working as an internet consultant. Her award-winning website is one of the most popular humor sites on the web today, with over 400,000 visitors a month and growing. It has received acclaim from USA Today, the BBC, and Yahoo!, and was chosen as a Cool Site of the Year 2000.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780762425624
Publisher: Running Press Miniature Editions
Publication Date: November 1st, 2005
Pages: 192