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In the Spirit Worlds and the dimensions that exist, reside numerous kingdoms that house a plethora of Spirits that inhabit various forms. One of these tribes is called the Wise Ones, a darker breed in the spirit realm who often chooses to incarnate into a human body one lifetime after another for important purposes.

The Realm of the Wise One takes you on a magical journey to the spirit world where the Wise Ones dwell. This is followed with in-depth and detailed information on how to recognize a human soul who has incarnated from the Wise One Realm.

Author, Kevin Hunter, is a Wise One who uses the knowledge passed onto him by his Spirit team of Guides and Angels to relay the wisdom surrounding all things Wise One. He discusses the traits, purposes, gifts, roles, and personalities among other things that make up someone who is a Wise One.

Wise Ones have come in the guises of teachers, shaman, leaders, hunters, mediums, entertainers and others. Realm of the Wise One is an informational guide devoted to the tribe of the Wise Ones, both in human form and on the other side. This book requires an untainted open mind to what's unseen or misunderstood.

What some readers have said:

"Realm of the Wise One was full of wisdom and beauty that it touched my heart." - A Reader

"I'm devouring Realm of the Wise One for the second time. I went through it so fast the first time it was a bit of a whirlwind. Much of it got blown away by all of the "Oh my God, so it's not just me" emotions. Fascinating " - A Reader

"I'm about 100 pages into Realm of the Wise One. I woke up at 2:45 one morning and rather than going online I started reading it. It has helped me connect to the spirit dimensions in a very visceral way. I feel the presence of the spirit realms in a way that felt more elusive before. It's fascinating to read about all of this." - A Reader

"I'm on the last chapter of Realm of the Wise One. AWESOME BOOK It made me understand and see some people in my own life and where they are coming from." - A Reader

"I am on page 99 of the "Realm of the Wise One" book, and this book is so positively energetic I love it " - A Reader

"Wow The "Realm of the Wise One" book arrived this afternoon and I read the first 29 pages. I could hardly stop. I am impressed and moved " - A Reader

"Reading Realm of the Wise One had calmed my anxiety down within minutes." - A Reader

"Love the Realm of the Wise One I've been reading it again to absorb the invaluable information. It definitely has answered many questions about who I am. Great book " - A Reader

"I read Realm of the Wise One the other night in one sitting. When I got to the description of the soul of the author's home and the different beings I started to cry. I immediately recognized my friend in this. I messaged her and demanded, cajoled and begged her to immediately buy the book. She's now read it and came back to me with, "You're right There's someone like me " - A Reader

"Recently picked up REALM OF THE WISE ONE from a stall in India and my heart started racing at like 250 bpm. I knew I had to buy this book and I'm glad I did. What an amazing book " - A Reader

"I'm not a Wise One and found the Realm of the Wise One book richly informative and a thoroughly enjoyable read. Hope the author gets inspired to write more on the other Realms someday. He has such an incisive way of animating the material." - A Reader

"Realm of the Wise One was enchanting I loved it. This author writes the truth that others are drinking up. You know the magick. The magick of being a Wise One is showing others the truth and giving them the option to drink up the Truth or to spit it back out and keep grunting like Neanderthals." - A Reader

"The Realm of the Wise One hooked me in " A Reader

About the Author

Kevin Hunter is a metaphysical philosopher, motivational writer, love expert, and self-help spiritual author of numerous books. His empowerment and inspirational books include Warrior of Light, Empowering Spirit Wisdom, Darkness of Ego, Transcending Utopia, Realm of the Wise One, Reaching for the Warrior Within, Living For the Weekend, Tarot Card Meanings, Ignite Your Inner Life Force, Love Party of One and Awaken Your Creative Spirit. He is also the author of the warrior of light pocket series of books called, Spirit Guides and Angels, Soul Mates and Twin Flames, Raising Your Vibration, Divine Messages for Humanity, Connecting with the Archangels, Four Psychic Clair Senses, Monsters and Angels, and The Seven Deadly Sins. His non-spiritual related books include the modern day love story, Jagger's Revolution, and the horror drama, Paint the Silence.
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ISBN: 9780692270806
ISBN-10: 0692270809
Publisher: Warrior of Light Press
Publication Date: September 16th, 2014
Pages: 188
Language: English