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This book can be used independently or in conjunction with Learn to Self Heal, and you do not need to be an astrologer to understand this book. Christina is a full-time practising Holistic Astrological Consultant, specialising in Medical Astrology. Her 35-year background as a Registered Nurse (mainly in Intensive Care), Ayurveda, Colour Therapy, Healing Touch and Stress Management have given her experience and insights to other people's perceptions to do with health and disease. Her personal journey with potentially major health dilemmas, guided her to seek out alternatives that avoided surgery.

"While Christina has taken my Medical Astrology courses at the International Academy of Astrology, I would describe her as a colleague but never just a student.

Having read this book, even though it is described as introductory material, I immediately discovered much-needed remedies for a friend with a parathyroid dysfunction.

Each sign is followed by excellent case studies and remedies that even an expert astrologer can appreciate and find useful. The remedies and therapies that she gives are very professional, as she is a professional holistic practitioner herself. Having been a professional astrologer for 50 years, I found her rulership's' and especially the Elements' descriptions to be highly accurate.

Over the years, I have been asked to review many Medical Astrology books but this is the only one that I have endorsed."

Lynn Koiner, LPAF United States

"As an Astrologer, I have always had a personal interest in the field of Medical Astrology.

In this book, Christina has correlated a vast array of information for the beginner through those who "know" Astrology. If you are looking for a reference book that will cover the Holistic ways of Self-managing your health based on your birth chart, this is the "go-to".

If you want to expand your knowledge and extend your services to your clients, then Christina has a special part of the book for you I will always use it as a reference and I love the end part where she speaks about the way to work with clients - so much value

I was engrossed from cover to cover "

Phillippa Cummins, Consulting Astrologer New Zealand

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