Dynamic Duos: the essential guide for couples in business together (Paperback)

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Dynamic Duo's: the essential guide for couples in business together, takes every reader on a journey through the fundamental keys to understanding ourselves and our partner. Using imagery and vivid examples this books delves into topics like healthy communication, what it takes to co-operate effectively, and how to maximise the potential efforts between two people inside the business to drive success. This book provides information in the key areas to living in harmony and working effectively together in business using the following framework:


Providing Clarity around emotional responses and relationship dynamics. Inter-personal relationships are one of the most complex things that humans can encounter, and yet can provide the greatest source of joy, or the deepest sorrow. Getting this right is the key to creating a successful life together inside and outside of the business.


Re-visiting Commitment establishes the logical and mental preparation that 2 people need when forming any partnership, whether it be in life or in business. This book addresses both simultaneously, because without one, the other would become irrelevant. Individuals fall into patterns of behaviours with each other in order to maintain the status quo, yet this can be detrimental if not addressed and acknowledged in the early stages of declining relations. Conflict is addressed in through the Acceptance / Commitment Theory and by providing healthy strategies to managing positive outcomes for Couples in Business.


Effective Communication is about indentifying and harnessing the individual skill-set that each partner brings to the table and establishing value, respect, trust and integrity to the communication between two people. There are great highs and lows in the business journey, to which each person within the partnership needs to support the other as they weather the storm together. Couples intimacy is increased using the discovery of renewed communication strategies and tools.


Co-operating in the home and the business allows couples to effectively set clear boundaries, roles, responsibilities and make choices that support the process of managing business and life together. Self-Directed leadership strategies are brought to the forefront that include recognition of the importance of having systems, processes, limits and safe words when one person has reached their maximum.


Visionary Collaboration brings the book to the ultimate goal which allows couples to recognise the pathway forward. Many businesses and couples don't plan an exit strategy, and therefore the journey seems never-ending. The goal is to provide the families future with lifestyle, security, enjoyment and purpose. Bringing all these factors into clear, motivated focus is the ultimate achievement.

There has never been a book like this for Couples in Business together, that addresses the information and processes to success through life and work. For every business owner and partner that wonders how to keep their romance alive while managing the stress of business needs to read this book. It should be on the shelf of every family-owned business around the world.

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