Life is a Movie (Paperback)

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Her husband is killed by the Taliban, now Rukhsaar is a widow with a ten-year-old child, Masih, in a land where the colour drains from faces when they hear, "It's a girl."

Reminiscing about her past, Rukhsaar and her son wander the bazaars of Kabul, Afghanistan, looking for a new home and means to survive. She finds employment as a maid, and the measly income pays for a room until her health fails, and she needs an operation to live.

Masih is forced to find work and is challenged by the offerings: prostitution and drugs. He lands a shoe-shining job that doesn't last, returning him to the streets, looking for the means to pay for the rent and his mother's medical needs. He meets a boy, though an addict and a thief, who turns to be Masih's ally.

'Incredibly sad, it will rip your heart out but still leave you wanting to read more'

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ISBN: 9780620941297
ISBN-10: 0620941294
Publisher: Kingsley Publishers
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2021
Pages: 214
Language: English