Prayer in the shadow of death (Paperback)

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Places and names have not been changed. This is the revised edition of "Bloodcaine." The true story of a devoted Christian mother who looses her oldest son to a violent cocaine underworld network. Her faithful unshakable FAITH in GOD's WORD & help. As her praying life is rewarded by God; who rescues Robert Vidal from the traps of his enemies and the near justice toll booth of death row. "Believe In the POWER of PRAYER." Love, money, violence, family, redemption, new life in Christ.] DRUGS will change peoples lives and visions.. "SAY NO TO DRUGS.

About the Author

Robert Vidal -first born male of three, the oldest my sister Hilda two years older and younger brother John, both college graduates of great godly characters. Robert's teen years as most teens friendly and loving sports, my hearts desire as a young-man, was to become a professional baseball pitcher; or a professional kick boxer or, a NJ State trooper. At the age of 23, a new job as a chauffer enticed and seduced me to a new world. My wrong choices led me and wife to a living nightmare a valley filled with danger, guns, money, drugs and murder, eventually leading me to a leadership criminal lifestyle ? No denial or mollification in this true story. My heart becomes like stone and the fast money a trap. "The love of money and drug use, along with alcohol abuse almost gets me killed and facing a possible Death penalty for murder, thanks to God Prison gave me another chance through Jesus Christ to sincerely repent. God answered the desperate PRAYERS of my Christian mother to protect me and save me from my enemies and the awaiting justice toll booth of "Death row " put on your seat belt this story is "A MIRACLE" it will walk you through some real dramatic turbulence. NON FICTION "Prayer in the shadow of death." To God be the Glory. Several movie producers have contacted Robert to make a movie from his life story. Is been 19 years since Robert's release from prison and Gods Holy Spirit continues to use him as his chosen vessel, at work and in the streets. SAY NO 2 DRUGS - it will change and ruin your life. John 3:16.18. God saved me through His Son Jesus Christ. "To God be the Glory FOREVER" Amen
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ISBN: 9780615579511
ISBN-10: 0615579515
Publisher: Gifted in Christ Enterprises
Publication Date: February 29th, 2012
Pages: 190
Language: English