Infj: How to be happy, feeling misunderstood (Paperback)

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Into a journey of self discovery and change, to better understand why you feel misunderstood. How to understand behaviours and reactions of yourself and others and how to better manage situations and thoughts. Looking into relationships, careers and interactions between people as well as coping mechanisms for mental illnesses gained through self awareness. "Many of us wonder what we actually want in life. Maybe better relationship experiences and communication? To better manage emotions and how we feel? We want to stop living a life that someone else has created for us, and start living a life by our own choices. I have tried to give answers to these and more in my new book," says Krusha Patel. Among other things, 'INFJ' addresses issues such as why the INFJ personalities, which comprise only 1%% of the world's population, often feel misunderstood by others. The book addresses mental health illnesses and shares mechanisms to provide some help when access to professional help is not available.
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ISBN: 9780244182045
ISBN-10: 0244182043
Publisher: Lulu Press
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2019
Pages: 168
Language: English