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Signature Saturday: August 19

All authors will be signing books from 11AM - 1 PM.

Cheryl Keely

A Book of Bridges: From Here to There and Me to You

Not writing has never been an option for me. Even if there's no pen and paper to be found, my brain is always churning stories.  I have found it's more fun to share them. I became a journalist because I never wanted to stop learning.  But I also like playing -- digging in the dirt, running agility with my dog, blowing bubbles and making messes in the kitchen. Writing picture books is the best of both worlds. I can combine my love of learning and love of play. Never stop learning. Never stop playing. 

When not writing, I volunteer with my dog Dagaz as a pet ambassador team with WAGS (Wonderful Animals Giving Support), a local pet therapy organization. One of our favorite visits is to a local elementary school where the children take turns reading to the dogs. We are always learning new tricks to do on our visits. Dagaz is even learning to read -- although she is what could be called a reluctant reader. She much prefers to spin, wave, and bow.

​I am a member of SCBWI (the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators). My debut picture book, From Here to There and Me To You, will be released by Sleeping Bear Press in February 2017. Bridges are some of the most fascinating structures in our landscape, and they come in all forms. From towering suspension bridges to humble stone crossings, this book visits them all in sweet, bouncing text with expository sidebars. But while bridges can be quite grand, this reminds us that their main purpose is bringing people together. This is perfect for budding architects, as well as readers who can relate to having loved ones who live far away. I love traveling wherever bridges may take me, but also enjoy returning to my home in Louisville, Ky., just as much. I reside there with my husband, a dog, a cat and a fish I'm training to do tricks.

David Zinn

Temporary Preserves

David Zinn has been creating original artwork in and around Ann Arbor, MI since 1987, serving all manner of commercial clients from small shops to major municipalities while simultaneously sneaking “pointless” art into the world at large. His professional commissions have included theatrical posters, business logos, educational cartoons, landfill murals, environmental superheroes, corporate allegories and hand-painted dump trucks. His less practical creations have involved bar coasters, restaurant placemats, cake icing, and snow.

David’s temporary street art is composed entirely of chalk, charcoal and found objects, and is always improvised on location. Most of these drawings have appeared on sidewalks in Ann Arbor and elsewhere in Michigan, but many have surfaced as far away as subway platforms in Manhattan, village squares in Sweden and street corners in Taiwan. Zinn’s chalk work began in 2001 as an excuse to linger outdoors, but has since achieved global notoriety through sharing on the pages of FacebookInstagram, Huffington Post, Graffiti Art Magazine, Bored Panda, Central China Television, Street Art Utopia, and Archie McPhee’s Endless Geyser of Awesome. His most frequent characters are Sluggo, a bright green monster with stalk eyes and irreverent habits, and Philomena, a phlegmatic flying pig. As of 2013, there have been a lot of mice as well.

David is a self-taught artist with a degree in Creative Writing and English Language from the Residential College of the University of Michigan. He has taught creative writing and scenic painting, performed in and directed several Gilbert & Sullivan operas, recorded audiobooks, and hosted two children’s radio shows (The Rug Rat Revue on WCBN-FM and The Mud Pie Cafe on Michigan Radio). David is also an avid whistler, a haphazard ukulele player, and a dutiful shirker.

Kimberly Hoffman

Emma's Dancing Day

Kimberly Hoffman loves to dance, but did not start until her mid-40s. She has taken classes in ballet, Jewish folk, and lyrical dance, and competed in lyrical dance for three years, often being the oldest dancer at the competitions.  She has led children and adult dance groups at church and enjoys dancing and choreographing for the theater group, Fairy Tale Musical Theatre.

The main character in Kimberly's first book, Emma, would love to learn to dance, but that's a difficult thing to do when you have eight legs. During class, she falls and is almost ready to give up...almost. Emma's Dancing Day is a delightful, rhyming, children's story of not giving up on the dreams that God has placed within your heart.

Paul Hoffman

Wicked Columbus, Indiana

Paul Hoffman's first book, “Murder in Wauwatosa: The Mysterious Death of Buddy Schumacher,” was published in 2012 by The History Press. It is a true story of the disappearance of an 8-year-old boy in 1925 and the subsequent investigation into the boy’s murder. “Wicked Columbus, Indiana,” his second book, published in June 2017 by the same publisher, tells the true tales of some of that city’s more salacious stories. Dubbed the “Athens of the Prairie” for its array of stunning modern architecture, Columbus, Indiana, nevertheless has endured its share of unsavory citizens, crime-ridden neighborhoods and other tales of woe.

Many residents avoided the infamous slums of Smoky Row and Death Valley, while others gave in to the allure of illegal booze or Lilian “Todie” Tull’s famed house of ill repute on North Jackson Street. Two different sets of father-and-son hoodlum partnerships terrorized the area in the 1800s. And a brutal fistfight between the oldest newspaper editor in the state and the youngest mayor in the state sullied the city’s name in 1877. Author Paul J. Hoffman guides readers on a wild ride through the city’s salacious side.

Nomad Arts in The Book Cellar: Thursday, August 24 for ART WALK!

Nomad Arts in The Book Cellar (Basement) at Viewpoint Books

High school students display their artistic talents in music, spoken word and visual arts. High school students are welcomed in The Book Cellar (adult sponsors are present) and parents may listen and enjoy from the store level. For more information: Check out Nomad Art on Facebook.